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Des Chanson Romantiques du Mois: Take A Bow

Des Chansons Romantiques Du Mois
Romantic Song Of The Month
Of July '12
"Take A Bow"

"Take A Bow"
This is my favorite song by Madonna, and when I tell people they're always like "really"?  But, this ballad, & video is just so sexy... That's why I love it so much. lol
Seems like Madonna been around for forever, and pretty much touched every genre; a mixture of R&B, and Babyface made magic into a beautiful pop ballad.
"Take A bow" is so sensual, soft, and shows another side of Madonna. Albeit, the video is just beyond sexy. 
Walking on glass in lingerie, & bullfighting can it get any sexier? A sleepy melody voice agonizing of a neglected lover? how could you not love this song? 
The lyrics are so raunchy, and so touching at the same time. This song is either the beginning, or a the end of a romance; You guys know I love a romance, just a much as I hate a heartbreak... "Take A Bow" describes both, or just another unrequited bedtime love story..... This is Madonna most romantic song she's every performed.. and, my all time favorite.

el amor siempre
Nailah D'arcy