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Des Chanson Romantiques du Mois: Weak

Des Chansons Romantiques Du Mois
Romantic Song Of The Month
Of October '12
~Weak ~
One of my favorite songs all time. you can play this song every time, and it never wanes. "Weak" is beyond beautiful. A ballad about someone so desperately in love, that their lover makes them so maudlin ( me, & that word right? lol). 

remember hearing this song for the first time, I think I had to be ten, or eight years old. lol.. I loved it some much. 
The lyrics are simple, but effortless maudlin ( there goes that word again). This song stayed with me, and I'm pretty sure many others.
This has to be one the top R&B songs of the early 90's. SWV most beautiful song every; sentimental, and loving you could not love "Weak"... I let the song speak for it self check it out....  Although, I'm  little puzzled by the video. I truly don't get it; but overall a lovely song.

 Amouur Toujours
Nailah D'arcy