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Des Chanson Romantiques du Mois: Turn You Lights Down Low

Des Chansons Romantiques Du Mois
Romantic Song Of The Month
Of February '13
~Turn Your Lights Down Low~
I written about Lauryn Hill, & Bob Marley 
on Romantique Innocence.. They're talent cannot be spoken in just merely words. So, I'll just add there beautiful songs to Romantique Songs... 
J'adore this chanson. An effortless classic by Bob Marley resurfaced with a remake by, Lauryn Hill. There something quite beautiful about this song. Sexual, and loving at the same time. This earthly beaute melody, is relaxing, and sensual.  I'll let the song, speak for itself, or sing for itself.. ( gosh I know, only me. lol) Amour Toujours  Nailah D'arcy